Get into flow.
Win more games.

Track your mental performance with the MaddCog Game Band

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Launching on IndieGoGo in February for USD$290. Get notified and save 25% with our launch day special.

Works with all games on PC and Console. Direct integration adds game stats for League of Legends, Valorant, CS:GO and more.

The MaddCog Game Band

The Game Band

Flexible and headset compatible, the Game Band is comfortable for extended use

Windows app

10 Hours Battery

Perfect for that all-day gaming session or playing for 2 hours each day for a week

Mobile phone app

Embedded Sensors

Slim and flexible EEG and HRV sensors are housed in the front of the band

What our users say

“It's kinda insane to see the numbers. There is a huge difference in win rate when I have high mental performance.

Master rank League of Legends player (France)

French League player profile picture

“Oh wow. That's some big help. I like seeing how often I am playing fatigued.

Gold rank League of Legends player (Australia)

Australian League player profile picture

If you can measure it, you can improve it

It is quick and easy to use MaddCog to monitor your mental performance while playing

The number 1

Put on the sensors

MaddCog's headband contains flexible sensors and is comfortable to wear for hour after hour of gaming

The number 2

Start playing

The app will automatically connect to the sensors, providing live results, and a report after every game

Measure and improve your game by tracking your performance trends
The MaddCog app is available on Windows and mobile

Available on PC and mobile

MaddCog software is cross platform, with the cloud keeping all game data in sync

Windows app

Windows app

Bringing game overlays, auto-start and immediate post-game reporting

Mobile phone app

Mobile app

Ideal for console gaming and reviewing your progress

How MaddCog helps you climb rank

Our sensor headband uses EEG and HRV to track your real-time mental performance. Then our proprietary algorithms and deep game integrations give you insights so you can play your best.

Get into flow and become unstoppable

Avoid Fatigue

Know when to take a break to
avoid tilt and poor performance

Get into flow and become unstoppable

Get into Flow

Become unstoppable and boost your win rate

Track improvements over time

Track Improvements

Get feedback to optimize your
mental performance

The game overlay gives live in-game feedback

Game Overlay

Get live feedback via the in-game

MaddCog integrates with games to assess game performance

Game Integration

Game results are used to assess playing performance

MaddCog uses Machine Learning to give personal insights and feedback

Machine Learning

Our algorithms learn the most important mental factors for you

Rank up with MaddCog

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The insights you need

MaddCog gives you the feedback you need to make the right decisions at the right time.

Before your game

Machine learning identifies the impact each metric has on your performance, while feedback gives you insights on what you need to improve.

Automatically record all your games

During your game

Get real-time mental performance measures while you play.

Game overlay for in-game feedback

After your game

Receive recommendations on if you should play again, and the impact mental performance had on the game.

Post-game stats and recommendations

Rank up with MaddCog

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